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Welcome to my site

I am a psychotherapist, author, and lecturer. I am fascinated with the complexities of our human existence. My mission is to work on promoting wellness and wholeness within, with others, and with everything that exists.

As a psychotherapist,

I accompany families, children, adolescents, and adults in their healing journeys through the use of scientifically grounded approaches.

As an author,

I have written numerous books, articles, chapters and therapeutic material for children that have emerged from almost 20 years of clinical practice and the latest findings in neurosciences and psychology.

As a consultant,

I am committed to supporting the growth of other mental health professionals based on my extensive experience working with families, children, and adults.

As a teacher and lecturer,

I am dedicated to providing trainings full of creative ideas, based on the latest research and literature to mental health professionals, paraprofessionals, educators, and parents.

AGATE Institute is dedicated to providing training opportunities that educate, empower, inspire and help cultivate advanced knowledge and skills for EMDR clinicians specializing in children, adolescents & adults.

"Our children's challenging behaviors signal the presence of unmet needs. The need to belong, to feel protected, to feel loved, and to feel safe."

Ana Gomez

EMDR Books and Kits By Ana

  • The Thoughts Kit for Kids


    The Thoughts Kit for Kids consists of four sets of cards. Two sets are for young children and the other two for young adolescents. Each set contains child-appropriate positive and negative cognitions along with a VOC scale with which children can play and interact. In addition, The Thought Kit for Kids contains a 16- page booklet with specific EMDR therapy games and protocols that can be used with the cards.

  • Dark, Bad Day…Go Away: A Book for Children about Trauma and EMDR Therapy- Second Edition


    Dark, Bad Day…Go Away is the first hard cover, illustrated book for children that motivates, prepares and guides children to use EMDR therapy. It is now available in Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

  • Let’s Have a Visit With Our Feelings


    This book was written with a vision of assisting children who struggle with adversity and are unable to embrace their emotions. An important part of living a healthy emotional life is the ability to feel and accept our feelings. If hardship has occurred, being able to tolerate, mindfully observe, and hold with compassion the feelings associated with such adverse events will be an essential aspect of healing.

  • Stories and Storytellers:The Thinking Mind, the Heart, and the Body


    This book is especially designed for mental health professionals trained in EMDR therapy to use with the children they treat. This book has been written to help children with histories of trauma and adversity better understand why they think, feel, and somatically respond to the present the way they do.

  • EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children: Complex Trauma, Attachment, and Dissociation


    This is the first book to provide a wide range of leading-edge, inventive, tangible, step-by-step strategies for clinicians working with children with severe dysregulation of the affective system using EMDR therapy and adjunct approaches.

    For Amazon Pricing and Special Offers Please Click the Link.

  • All the Colors of Me: My First Book About Dissociation


    All the Colors of Me is one of the first books worldwide that embraces the goal of helping children and adolescents understand their dissociative experiences.

  • EMDR-SUDs & VoC Collection


    The Subjective Units of Disturbance( SUDs) and the  Validity of the Positive Cognition scales are used in EMDR treatment by  EMDR trained professionals. Ana Gomez has created playful and image-based scales that are appealing and fun for children to facilitate their use. She has been developing this collection for several years and now she is sharing some of these scales with you! You may download them at no cost or make a small donation.

    Suggested Minimum Donation

    • Individual $5
    • Agencies Distributing Multiple Copies to their Therapists $10
    • If you are not able to pay that is fine too

    Please do not distribute them yourself but instead share this link to this page  so others can have access to this collection

  • My Helpers and Protectors: Therapeutic cards that work with the self-protective system of children affected by trauma


    These therapeutic cards are for mental health practitioners working with children and young adolescents affected by trauma and adversity. They depict multiple trauma-generated forms of self-protection, adaptations, and defenses. Often, these defensive behaviors can create stagnation in the therapeutic process. These 42 double-sided cards and the 23-page booklet with therapist instructions were designed to support children and adolescents in accessing, embracing, and working through trauma-related adaptations and developing relationships with these essential parts of themselves. These cards use animals to explain, normalize, and validate the child’s survival attempts. Underneath defensive parts are emotions, somatic responses, and needs, and underneath, the wound they protect.

    These cards should be part of a comprehensive, cohesive treatment where clinicians work on restoring safety at multiple levels (which quiets down the defensive and self-protective system). If the child is in unsafe, chaotic, rigid, and traumatizing environments, naturally and organically, their defense system will be in a state of activation, so safety must be restored first before using these cards. These cards should also be accompanied by work around increasing the child’s homeostatic repertoire and co-regulation with important attachment figures. These cards are used within a deshaming and depathologizing approach. Once the child plays with the cards, they can be invited to create a poster, puppet show, a sandtray world, and embodiments depicting their protectors.

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