EMDR-SUDs & VoC Collection

The Subjective Units of Disturbance( SUDs) and the  Validity of the Positive Cognition scales are used in EMDR treatment by  EMDR trained professionals. Ana Gomez has created playful and image-based scales that are appealing and fun for children to facilitate their use. She has been developing this collection for several years and now she is sharing some of these scales with you! You may download them at no cost or make a small donation.

Suggested Minimum Donation

  • Individual $5
  • Agencies Distributing Multiple Copies to their Therapists $10
  • If you are not able to pay that is fine too

Please do not distribute them yourself but instead share this link to this page  so others can have access to this collection

Thanks to the clinicians that helped us translate it into other languages:
  • German: Daniela Lempertz
  • Portuguese: Ana Lucia Castello
  • Spanish: Ana M Gomez
  • Turkish: Derya Altinay
Suggested donation: $5.00
Suggested donation: $5.00
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