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I am a psychotherapist, author, and lecturer. I am fascinated with the complexities of our human existence. My mission is to work on promoting wellness and wholeness within, with others, and with everything that exists.

As a psychotherapist,

I accompany families, children, adolescents, and adults in their healing journeys through the use of scientifically grounded approaches.

As an author,

I have written numerous books, articles, chapters and therapeutic material for children that have emerged from almost 20 years of clinical practice and the latest findings in neurosciences and psychology.

As a consultant,

I am committed to supporting the growth of other mental health professionals based on my extensive experience working with families, children, and adults.

As a teacher and lecturer,

I am dedicated to providing trainings full of creative ideas, based on the latest research and literature to mental health professionals, paraprofessionals, educators, and parents.

AGATE Institute is dedicated to providing training opportunities that educate, empower, inspire and help cultivate advanced knowledge and skills for EMDR clinicians specializing in children, adolescents & adults.

"Our children's challenging behaviors signal the presence of unmet needs. The need to belong, to feel protected, to feel loved, and to feel safe."

Ana Gomez

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