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Virtual Workshop FAQ

What is a virtual workshop?

A virtual workshop is delivered via the internet and It is a complete web-based workshop experience in the comfort of your own home or office. When you attend a virtual workshop, you will be able to see the presenter LIVE, ask questions, see the power point and watch therapy videos from your own computer. You would ONLY need to take 3 steps: 1- Register. Once you register you will receive a confirmation number and the link for each module of the workshop. 2- Test your computer with a link you received after registration. 3- On the day of the workshop, all you have to do is click on the link provided, write your confirmation number, name and email address and you will be immediately in the virtual conference room ready to attend the workshop!

Who should attend these workshops?

Each workshop may be directed to a specify audience so please read the description of the workshop and the requirements. most workshops are designed for mental health professionals (psychotherapists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, counselors, social workers, play and art therapists etc.) and EMDR trained clinicians. Some other workshops are for parents and paraprofessionals and the public in general.

How do I register?

Click on “virtual workshops” and from the upcoming workshops menu listed on the right side, choose the virtual workshop you want to attend. You can select to take the workshop with CEUs or without CEUs. Once you make your choice, you will be directed to the registration site. Once registered you will receive an email with a link to enter the virtual conference room. In this email you will also receive a link for you to perform a system test and get your computer ready.

How do I log in?

Once registered you will receive an email with a link to enter the virtual conference room. In this email you will also receive a link for you to perform a system test and get your computer ready. This will take less than a minute. On the day of the workshop just click on the link that you received on the previous email and enter your information in the appropriate fields. You need to sign in with your name (no nick names for CEUs purposes) and your email address and you will be IN the virtual conference room right away.

Do I get CEUs? How do I receive CEUs?

Yes, you receive CEUs for each virtual workshop as long as you attend all the modules live or if you take a test for the modules that you missed LIVE and pass it with at least 80% . The number of CEUs depends on the length of the workshop. If you attended the entire virtual workshop live and/or took a test, you will receive your certificate by email within two weeks after the virtual workshop is completed. If you did not register "with CEUs" then you will receive a "certificate of attendance without CEUs." If you are attending as a group and have paid a group rate, please know that ONLY the person that is "logged in" receives the CEUs without having to take the test. If each of the group members want CEUs, they each would need to use separate computers.

Can I get CEU/CPD and EMDR credits if I live outside the USA?

The EMDR workshops we offer have been approved for EMDRIA (EMDR International Association) continuing education credits (CEUs) or Continuing Professional Development credits (CPD). We invite you to check with your country's EMDR organization to see if they accept the EMDRIA CEU-CPD credits.

Do I get partial credit if I did not attend the entire training?

No, You do not get partial credit. However, if you miss a module you can watch the recording at your own time, take a test and get the CEUs.

How do I get the Certificate of Completion?

Once you have completed your virtual workshop, if you attended the entire training live, you will receive the certificate with the CEUs by email. If you did not attend all the modules LIVE you will receive a test ONLY for the modules that you missed LIVE. Once you pass the test with 80% you will receive your certificate. If you have not received your certificate, please send an email to anag@anagomez.org so your certificate can be emailed ASAP.

How long will I have access to the archives of the trainings?

All the modules of the virtual workshops are recorded and the archives are available for two weeks after the training has ended. The archive of each module is available 30 minutes to 1 hour after the LIVE module ends each day, so you have access to the archives during the entire workshop plus four more weeks after it has ended.

Can I download the archives into my computer?

No, you will not be able to download the archives and keep a copy. In addition, it will be a legal and an ethical violation for participants to tape or voice record any of the virtual sessions. However, you will have access to the archives for the duration of the training plus four weeks more after the workshop has ended to watch them any time and as many times as you wish.

Can I invite other colleagues to attend the virtual workshop with me?

Only the person that has registered should be attending the workshop. It will be considered a legal and an ethical violation to have other people attend the virtual workshop that have not personally registered for the virtual workshop.

What computer do I need to attend a virtual workshop?

You need a desktop or laptop PC (running Windows XP or Windows 7), or a Mac (OSX 10.4 or greater) to access the virtual conference room.

What do I do if I encounter technical problems?

Once you have registered, you will receive thorough information to help you prepare in advance. You will have an opportunity to test your computer and have it ready for your virtual experience. This is done with the goal of minimizing any potential issues once you are in your virtual workshop. You will also receive an email address and a phone number where you can request technical assistance. However, if you follow all the recommendations most likely you will not have any issues.

Can I register for the training after it has started?

Yes, you can register after the first module has begun and in some workshops you can register any time before the last module of the workshop ends. Please read the specifics of each workshop. You will have access at no cost to the archived video of each of the modules. All workshops now have a test so if you cannot attend one or more of the modules LIVE you can take a test and still get your CEUs and your certificate of attendance. We do encourage LIVE attendance as it allows you to have a more interactive experience.

What is the refund policy?

Fees are refundable up to 15 days prior to workshop date less a processing fee of $50 USD.