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Testimonials of Ana's Presentations and Trainings

Workshop/Speaking topic: Complex PTSD Attachment and Dissociative Symptoms: Treating Children with Pervasive Emotional Dysregulation Using EMDR Therapy and Adjunctive Approach

  • Virtual- Complex trauma, Attachment and Dissociative Symptoms: November 8 to 16, 2013- 80 people attended this workshop and the overall rating based on a 1 to 5 scale was 4.9!!!!!
  • "Brilliant training! Thank you Ana your kindness and sharing your knowledge with us! I enjoyed every minute of this training!"
  • " This honestly has been one of the best trainings I have ever been to! Ana' Presentation was thorough and data based, especially supported and practical. I also took 26 pages of notes in 10 point font, which positively surprised me as the ease of interaction from a webinar. This was an excellent format and I will take advantage of it in the future. A+++!!"
  • "This is the highest rating I have ever given a presentation. Ana's virtual workshop was outstanding!"
  • "I really appreciate these virtual workshops and especially Ana's teachings and presentations. They are so immensely helpful. I live in Hong Kong and do not have the chance to seek and further training unless I fly to the U.S. The virtual workshops are what I would continue to look forward to for further learning and development as an EMDR therapist. Although I can read EMDR books, it is totally a different experience to have a trainer and teacher made available with the help of technology!"
  • "This was the BEST workshop I have been to in years!! There was so much great information and explained in a way I could understand. I wanted to give my ratings all 10"s not 5's, because everything was above and beyond!!"
  • "Excellent presentation and immediately useful skills. I really appreciated the live webinar format as it makes great training much more available. The organization and administrative side was excellent! Thank you."
  • " Workshop was extremely useful and available. You were so real, attuned, reflective and professional. The virtual for me worked. So happy this education can reach the whole world!"
  • "This is one of the best training I have attended. The virtual format worked well. Ana is a terrific teacher- she is very creative and presents the material in an engaging fashion. I will attend more."
  • " This training enhanced my understanding of complex PTSD not only in children, but adults as well. All concepts and tools easily adaptable to all age populations. I am grateful to Ana for sharing her knowledge, research and passion. Living in rural BC, Canada, the virtual training was/is perfect for me! Getting our to trainings, no matter how much I want to, is very difficult given travel considerations so this format is nothing short of blessings....I am very grateful to this sort of expertise readily available to me! thank you does not say enough! Con mucha gratitud y amor!"
  • "Absolutely fantastic! More virtual workshops please!!! You are such an amazing teacher!"
  • "Useful tools and knowledge was outstanding! The best way for me to learn is short segments. 3 hours is perfect for me. Thank you for this opportunity."
  • "This training was exactly what I needed! I have been dealing with children with 'Pervasive emotion dysregulation' for 12 years and was so excited about EMDR, but had so many kids that could not even handle any positive affect. This left me an empty space within me and how to get them to the point of doing EMDR. Ana has filled that space! I am so grateful for this information!"

Workshop/Speaking topic: Virtual- Step by Step: Making EMDR Therapy Developmentally Appropriate for Children and Adolescen

  • September 2013-Virtual workshop "Step by Step: Making EMDR Therapy Effective and Developmentally Appropriate for Children and Adolescents" The overall rating of this workshop was 4.9!!! in a scale of 1 to 5-best.
  • "An Exceptional Experience all-around. I have participated in extensive distance learning and this was by far the best experience."
  • "Brilliant!! I feel excited and inspired by this learning opportunity, also sad because I wish this could have been possible 10 years ago. I would have been able to access/learn this and be more skillful sooner. Speaking as someone far away from training opportunities."
  • "This was one of the best workshops I have ever participated in. The workshop has increased my knowledge base tremendously."
  • "A superb workshop, well grounded in theory and overflowing with practical tools and approaches for implementation. This will help me immensely!"
  • "A great learning experience. Ana is a credible, compassionate presenter who has increased my confidence and creativity."

Workshop/Speaking topic: Healing the Attachment System

  • Please continue to have Ana Gomez present as much as possible! This was Great! I am trained in Theraplay and was thrilled to learn ways to integrate EMDR with Theraplay! ***** 5 Stars
  • Loved the video clips of real life situations. Very creative and gifted therapist. This has gotten me thinking about the possibilities. Love the integration of other models with EMDR to enrich the experience. Loved this presentation!!
  • Remarkable presentation with tremendous skill, creativity and emotional power.
  • I can’t think of a more inspirational workshop that I have recently attended. I have a degree in music and yet I seem to always need permission and or reminders to use my right brain with both adults and children. Thank you for an enchanting and incredibly educational afternoon. (I work mostly with adults)
  • A beautiful integration of theory, clinical practice and your own lovely personality – thanks!
  • I learned so much from this. I am leaving feeling inspired, motivated, amazed and full of gratitude. Thank you!
  • Ana is a charming, warm and genuine presenter with great creativity and depth of understanding. How lucky we are she found EMDR to engage her passions.

Workshop/Speaking topic: Step by step: making EMDR therapy developmentally appropriate for children and adolescents

  • Ana, you are an EMDR treasure! I am inspired by your creativity, your clarity & your enthusiasm. I am in awe by your genius. Thanks so much.
  • Ana, you are a creative genius and an inspiration to innovate within & guided by the EMDR/AIP Model, which you present with such clarity & depth of understanding.

Workshop/Speaking topic: Complex PTSD Attachment and Dissociative Symptoms: Treating Children with Pervasive Emotional Dysregulation Using EMDR Therapy and Adjunctive Approaches

  • This was excellent! Terrific to have so many therapeutic techniques used together!! You are a terrific educator!!
  • Ana is so knowledgeable about EMDR and it’s effectiveness with children and she is so willing to share her insights and knowledge.
  • Thank you Ana for sharing your expertise and passion. Excellent theoretical foundation, useful video demonstrations, just a fantastic presentation and easy to understand. I will highly recommend this to other clinicians.