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VIRTUAL-EMDR Therapy and the Use of Inner-child, Ego State and IFS Strategies with Children

EMDR Therapy and the Use of Inner-child, Ego States and IFS Strategies with Children

12 hour virtual workshop divided into 4 modules of 3 hours each- for therapists fully trained in EMDR therapy

This workshop presents a pioneering and inventive model to use inner-child, ego state and Internal Family Systems strategies within a comprehensive EMDR treatment with children. Inner-child, ego state and IFS strategies and techniques can facilitate the exploration, accessing and processing of memories of trauma and adversity. In addition, they provide an excellent road to provide "reparative interweaves" and meet the unmet needs of children. These strategies are especially helpful when working with children with limited regulatory capacities, dissociative tendencies and deep attachment injuries (Gomez & Kraus, 2012).

Ana will have an invited guest speaker with great expertise in the use of ego state therapy and  IFS that will cover the basic principles and strategies of both psychotherapies.

This workshop will be coming soon!