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VIRTUAL-EMDR Therapy and Theraplay with Children

EMDR Therapy and Theraplay with Children

9 hour virtual workshop divided into 3 modules of 3 hours each- for therapists fully trained in EMDR therapy

The main focus of this training is the integration of Theraplay and EMDR therapy. This training has a “HOW TO” approach offering important information on how Theraplay can be efficiently used within the scaffold of the eight phases of EMDR treatment. In addition, guidelines are presented in terms of how EMDR therapists can identify the children who can benefit from adding Theraplay within a comprehensive EMDR treatment. This training places great importance on maintaining fidelity to the AIP model and the EMDR standard procedures and at the same time preserve the heart and crux of Theraplay.

It is recommended that clinicians attending this training have the formal training in Theraplay.

Ana will have an invited guest speaker with great expertise in the use of Theraplay that will cover the basic principles and strategies of Theraplay.

This workshop is under construction and development, but will be available soon.